Terms and conditions :

1. The aforementioned rental price includes maintenance of the instrument. Any problems occurring from natural causes such as seam openings, improperly functioning materials, etc. will be repaired by Main Violin at no extra cost. At Main Violin’s sole discretion, any major damages such as cracks, excessive wear, broken parts, etc. will be the renter’s full responsibility. Any and all repairs must be done by Main Violin approved luthier only. Main Violin keeps ownership of this rental instrument.

2. The maintenance fee does NOT cover expendable supplies such as bows, strings, cases, and other replaceable accessories. The instrument must be returned in the same condition, with same or better quality strings on or before the due date.

3. Per this agreement, 100% of your Rental fee (not maintenance fee) can be applied toward the purchase of this current instrument. Per this agreement, 70% of your Rental fee (not maintenance fee) can be applied towards the purchase of a different instrument. (Please note that this credit system cannot be combined with any other offers or another’s credit).

4. If the instrument is not returned by the due date, this rental agreement will automatically renew on said due date for the same duration paid for by the credit card on file.

5. Main Violin must be notified when any changes to the above customer address, phone number or credit card information has occurred. Notification must be done in a timely manner or this account will incur charges and/or penalties.

6. If the instrument is lost, stolen or totally damaged, in our opinion, beyond repair, the customer will be responsible for 70% of the full value of the instrument.

7. Main Violin reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time.


Full Coverage Insurance Plan Agreement with ZERO Deductible :

1. Must be purchased and commenced at the signing of rental agreement only to be valid throughout the rental period.

2. Insurance plan covers for loss or damage up to and not exceeding the full value of instrument with zero deductible.

3. Normal wear and tear (strings, bow, case) are not covered by insurance.

4. The police report must be submitted at the time of the claim for loss or damage due to theft, fire, or flood.

5. Insurance coverage expires when the rental period expires.