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About Us

about Main Violin LLC.

Let us introduce ourselves

Main Violin Shop has been providing high quality violin sales and professional equipment care since 2001. Its showroom features an extensive collection of violins of various types and sizes. We are knowledgeable about the types and makes of all the instruments to help ensure the right purchase and/or rental for our customers. The shop also houses three luthiers so all repairs and restoration of instruments are done on premises.


Main Violin have a variety of string instruments in all different sizes from all over the world. We also carry a complete line of strings and other accessories. If you have any questions about purchasing or renting, our sales team will be happy to assist you as best as we can. All of our sales representatives are professional string musicians, so you can be assured that you get the quality instrument and the best service.

As of 01/10/19


Up to $5000

  • Strad-Caeboh
  • Johann Georg Karner SOLD
  • Antonio Stradivarius Cremones
  • Erzeugt in_Wernitzgrun Markneukirchen_Deutschland 1929_made in Germany
  • Josef Bitterer_Geigenbaumeister_Mittenwald
  • Franz Sandner
  • Hiroshi Kono
  • J.T.L
  • 19c English
  • Michael & Sean_At Main Violin Shop - Salvatore Noh_New Jersey anno 2005
  • Farotti Celeste
  • Laberte Humbert D. Soriot_Ecole Francaise
  • Flaviano Matteotti_Fatto Cremona anno 2011
  • Joan Carol Kloz_in Mittenwald, an 1750
  • copy of Nicolaus Amatus Cremone Hieronimy filii fecit, An 1651 Made in Germany
  • Franz Sandner
  • Kloz Family
  • Joanne Franciscus Presendas
  • (Stamp) H. Derazey

Up to $15000

  • Heinrich Th. Heberlein jr._Markneukirchen 1911
  • Laberte Humbert Jacques Leclerc
  • French VN Rudolph Wurlitzer
  • German VN Amati Cremona 1634
  • Heinrich Th. Heberlein jr._Markneukirchen 1922
  • Laberte Humbert JB guadagnini
  • Ernst Heinrich Roth
  • German VN Joseph Guarnerius
  • French VN Antonio Stradivarius Cremones
  • John Crowther
  • c1920 French VN Leon Bernardel
  • JTL Jerome Thibouville Lamy Paris
  • Kloz School
  • Georg Adam Krausch
  • Lowendall, Louis
  • 20C Violin Ambroise De Comble
  • Breton Brevete
  • French VN Eugene Henry
  • Czech VN Franz Michl Prakt
  • Georges Lotte
  • Mid 20C VN Dominicus Montagnana
  • Johann F. Ropcke
  • Giorgio Steffano
  • Mauro Macchi
  • Hans Nebel
  • W. H. Hammig
  • French VN Edward Withers
  • Laberte Humbert Lugdunum
  • Collin Mezin
  • Paul Mangenot
  • Vittorio Manuele
  • Karl Gramm
  • Amedee Dieudonne
  • Guerrino Bianchi
  • Nestor Audinot
  • Karl Hermann
  • Vittorio Manuele
  • French VN Nicoaus Gagliano
  • School of Derazey Grandjon & Fils_Mirecourt
  • Fernando Jacquot
  • List Title

Up to $30000

  • Fait Mirecourt_No. 225 par le Maltre- Luthier_Amedee Dieudonne en1935
  • Fait par Paul Blanchard_a Lyon en 1898, No. 467
  • Giuseppe Pedrazzini, Milano 1950
  • Giovanni Lazzaro Padova, 2004 SOLD
  • Piero Badalassi_in Pisa Anno 1961
  • Laurentius Guadagnini Pater_& alumnus Antoni Stradivari_fecit Placentiae. Anno 1743
  • Antonio Guadagnini fece_Torino anno 1851
  • Leandro Bisiach della Scoula Cremones_fece in Milano 1881(1887?). Piazza del Duomo SOLD
  • Serafino Casini_Con sistema bra…._Anno 1932 Firenze

Rare Violin

  • Sderci, Iginius
  • Nicolaus Vuillaume
  • Soffriti Ettore
  • Antoniazzi. Romeo Cremona 1922


Up to $10000

  • Strad-Davidov_An der ifer 2013_Geigenbaumeister Klein
  • Neiner Lutgendorff_#CZ1050 #9
  • Michael & Sean_TGC400 Serial#14506
  • Bakos Zoltan_Model ZB304 Anno 2015
  • Antonio Stradivarious #CZ1050 Size 4/4 #Z032
  • Michael & Sean_TGC500 Serial#15173
  • Michael & Sean_TSC500 Serial#15339
  • Michael & Sean_TSC500 Serial#15381
  • Neiner Lutgendorff_#CZ1250
  • Neiner Lutgendorff_#CZ1050 #16
  • Franz Sandner_GSS008
  • Tonalita
  • Con Brio
  • Johann Leibman
  • Bakos Zoltan_Model ZA300 Anna 2014
  • Franz Sandner #GSA012
  • Strad-Davidov_An der ifer 2013_Geigenbaumeister Klein
  • Klein Yu
  • Hagen Weise #GWC007
  • Flaviano Matteotti #DPN016
  • Salvatore Noh
  • Hagen Weise #GWC008
  • Giovanni Renieri
  • Franz Sandner #GSEA013
  • Bourguignon Maurice

Up to $30000

  • Vittorio Manuele Cremona 2015 #E0449
  • Francisco Bissolotti_Cremona 1966
  • William F. Oskay Jr._ Port Ewen, NY U.S.A. 1962
  • Andreas Nicolaus_Bartl. Viennae 1749
  • Satadivarious
  • Karl Hermann

Rare Cello

  • Wilhelm Thomas Jaura_Wien 1921 SOLD
  • Testore
  • Dante Baldoni_Buenos Aires 1899 SOLD


Up to $7000

  • DVA406
  • Lothar Semmlinger #GSD025
  • Henri De Neveu (CZ600)
  • Strad-caeboh
  • Bakos Zoltan
  • Emanuel Wilfer
  • Con Brio
  • Sandner
  • Scott Cao
  • A Viola
  • Silk Road Studio 2012
  • Johan Georg Meisel
  • Robert Dolling
  • E. Wemelsfelder_Amersfoort 1987

Up to $15000

  • Humbert Larbert
  • Heffler
  • Rudolf Franke
  • Jan Bobak, Nowy Targ, 1997
  • Emil Brukhardt
  • Jan Kuljk_hocowitel hudebujch nastregu_Praze 1890
  • Peter Sappanos
  • Julius A. Hubicka
  • Vittorio Manuele
  • Germany Viola



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We are providing two rental programs, Regular Rental and School Rental. There is only two difference between them.

  1. Regular Rental
    • You can choose any duration of the rental (1mo. ~ 1yr.). If you choose 10 mo., you get 2 mo. free, which makes the contract for 1 yr.
    • Only NJ store pickup available.
  2. School Rental
    • Duration will be fixed for the school year. Sep. through June. Total 10 mo.
    • 3 delivery options available: Store pickup, delivery to the school in Sept. or USPS to home

Order by Phone

Prefer to make your rental via phone? Give us a call! You can contact us anytime. Our Phone number is (201) 947 2727

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri, 10am – 7pm
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Sun, Closed


We repair & restore your invaluable instruments.

Let us introduce our service.

Main violin has three full-time master violin makers in house, who will take good care of your instruments. Trained in Italy, they are experts in restoring and fine-tuning string instruments. We do all the work on the premises, so you can be assured that your precious instrument will be repaired and returned to you safely and promptly. Please feel free to contact us to ask any questions you might have. We guarantee that we will do our best to provide you with the service you need.


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