Hardcase Big Sale


Hardcase for SALE 🔅

Cello case made of composite material with epoxy and carbon fiber, manufactured exellently‼️

Cello case is secure and light 
Only ca. 3,5 kg (7lb)

Instrument suspension system
solid anchorage of the strike
strap for upright position🎻

2 Bow Holders, Accessory compartment for rosin etc., 3 Hooks for padded backpack straps, 7 special latches
one handle in the middle and one sideways, and 2 protective knobs each at the bottom and on the sides.

Interior color black-anthracite
Exterior in various modern and elegant colours 😀😆😊😍🤩

Cello $485
Violin $295

***Limited Supply! Come save your 💲💲***

Chamber on Main 09/07/18

2018 Fringe Orchestra “Beauty and the Beast”

Chamber on Main 05/04/18

The Landmark Award Main Violin from Fort Lee

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